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Remote Testing

Empowering software development companies to do more quality applications while reducing software testing cost.

QE Bootcamp

No Employee Overhead Cost

  • No government contributions
  • No paid leaves
  • No office space cost
  • No HMO cost
  • QE Bootcamp

    Available On Demand

  • Recruitment process removed from client
  • Increase or reduce resources as needed
  • Resources assigned matches project requirements
  • QE Bootcamp

    Certified Quality Engineers

  • Have access to tranined QEs
  • Have resources that are plug-and-play ready
  • Employee Costs On Top Of Salary

    A company with 20 testers with an assumed monthly salary of P50,000, pays P4,412,156 to P10,321,247 annually costs on top of salary and office costs.

    TypeSalary MultiplierSample
    Base Salary
    Yearly Cost
    OT PayP50,00020P1,499,520
    Paid Leaves30 - 160 daysP50,00020P1,363,636 - P7,272,727
    13th Month BonusP50,00020P1,000,000

    Available On Demand

    Hiring is a long a tedious process, while keeping employees happy is totally a different story.

    Recruitment Process

  • Allow the QE experts validate the right resources
  • Have the experts do the time-consuming and tedious recruitment

  • Increase And Decrease Resources As Needed

  • Have the flexibility of the team's size
  • Increase or decrease as needed
  • Skills Matches Project Requirements

  • Project requirements matche the resources provided
  • Have resources that are plug-and-play, ready for the project requirements

  • Certified Quality Engineering Skills

    Quality Engineer is a hybrid of a manual tester and an automation engineer.
    QEs can do both manual and automated testing.
    QE 360 have well-rounded test resources,
    we have the skills to cover all aspects of system testing, thus the name. 


    Web Testing

    Testing web functionality and user-interface, including cross-browser compatibility.


    Mobile Testing

    Testing Android and iOS applications including device compatibility testing.


    API Testing

    Ensure the backbone of the application is up and working properly.


    Database Testing

    Validate data integrity and consistency.


    Performance Testing

    Ensure that system performs according to acceptable speed and know when it will slow down, and when it will stop working.


    Security Testing

    Uncover vulnerabilities of the system before hackers exploit it.


    Agile Testing

    Test to support the development methodology being used. Have testing not just real time but on-time.


    Usability Testing

    Ensure that the system being developed
    will be appreciated by the users it is designed for.