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About Us

QE 360 is a remote testing, training and consulting provider, helping software development companies deliver higher quality applications while reducing software testing cost.

Our Quality Engineers (QEs) are hybrids of manual testers and automation engineers who have expertise on creative and efficient testing.

Several companies call their test team members QEs, but not all are qualified to be called one. Our QEs have gone through rigorous prequalifications and trainings so that our clients can onboard them immediately on projects. We take on the training cost and clients get them without the employment overhead cost.

Not everyone who can do test automation can be called a QE, that's why we make sure all QE 360 QEs can test various platforms - web, API, mobile and database. That's a holistic QE, that's QE 360!



Remote Testing

Finding the right QEs is hard as it is, aside from keeping them. Have remote QE resources working along with your team. Deliver more with less resources, without accumulating office space, no employee overhead costs ultimately reduces your software testing cost.

Online Training

Online Training

Diversifying software products means needing a wide array of skills to test it. Invest on skills advancement that can be done at home or at the office at the most convenient time of the employees.  



Leverage on the skills of the experts in testing. Get the much needed boost in setting up the test team, establish or improve testing standards and practices to help increase software testing output. 


Here are some of our clients whom we have helped through remote testing, training and/or consulting.


Well-planned and well-supervised consultation with practical ways of training to reach efficiency in being Agile. The consultation allowed us to improve and avoid recurring challenges. Ultimately leading us to focus on accomplishing efficiency and consistency in achieving target.

The QE Bootcamp was very well thought out - well designed and facilitated. Content is easy to grasp. The frequent exercises allowed us to learn the concepts better. We are extremely pleased with the trainings they've provided.

Agile Testing is the best part of our
Testing Foundation Training. It lessens the unnecessary documentation allows us to be Agile. Up to now, we are leveraging on Exploratory Testing. I hope that in the future, we can take the Level Up To QE Trainings.

The mentorship led me to land my first QA job. I came from a non-QA role. She dedicated time to mentor me both on the soft skills and technical QA skills. Was only thinking of becoming a QA intern but because of her, I was hired as a Jr. QA and even doing automation.

We learned a lot specially with QE and other new QA techniques. Very accommodating and she knows what she is saying.

Before the training, there was no clear process for me on how to perform Exploratory Test just the basic thinking out of the box. But from this session, a clear process combined with out of the box ideas are perfect recipe in capturing more scenario that will result in delivering quality product/service.

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