QE 360 Outsourced Testing Services: Achieve More with Less Effort

QE 360 Outsourced Testing Service

QE 360 Outsourced Testing Services:
Achieve More with Less Effort

What Is Outsourced Testing?

Outsourced software testing is the strategic practice where businesses delegate the testing of their applications or software to independent specialists, dedicated testing firms, or third-party entities. This form of testing involves contracting external experts to handle all testing activities, detached from the company that developed the software. By opting for software testing outsourcing, companies can ensure comprehensive examination and validation of their software products without the need to maintain an in-house testing team.

These activities can include functional testing, performance testing, security testing, usability testing, and compatibility testing. Essentially, outsourced software testing services cover a complete suite of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. This approach allows businesses to focus on their primary operations while an external team assures the quality and reliability of their software.

QE 360 has established itself as a trusted partner for outsourced software testing, serving numerous companies mostly in the US and Australia. Our clients consistently commend our efficient testing processes and the significant value we add to their operations. The quality delivered by our expert QEs ensures thorough examination and validation of software, enhancing performance and reliability.

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What Are the Challenges Being Addressed by Outsourcing?

Outsourcing addresses numerous business challenges, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving quality. By leveraging external expertise, companies can overcome obstacles and focus on core operations, driving growth and innovation.

Challenges Addressed by Outsourcing

Provided below are detailed insights into how outsourcing can effectively tackle the issues mentioned above, helping businesses improve operations and achieve better results.

  • Communication Bottlenecks: Outsourcing resolves communication bottlenecks by implementing streamlined processes and utilizing advanced collaboration tools, ensuring clear and effective interaction between teams.
  • Data Security Concerns: Outsourcing addresses data security concerns by partnering with firms that prioritize robust security protocols and compliance with international standards, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Unsatisfactory Quality: Outsourcing ensures high-quality deliverables by leveraging experienced professionals and rigorous quality assurance processes, resulting in superior products and services.
  • Shortage of QA Testers: Outsourcing mitigates the shortage of QA testers by providing access to a vast pool of skilled testers, ensuring thorough and efficient quality assurance.
  • Growing Demand for Hyper-specialized Skills: Outsourcing meets the growing demand for hyper-specialized skills by connecting businesses with experts in niche areas, enhancing innovation and competitiveness.
  • Need for Reducing Costs and Sizing Teams to the Right Capacity: Outsourcing helps reduce costs and size teams appropriately by offering scalable solutions, allowing companies to adapt quickly to changing demands and market conditions.
  • Validate Hybrid Teams: Outsourcing validates hybrid teams by integrating external expertise with in-house capabilities, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall performance.
  • Growing Demand for Cybersecurity Testing: Outsourcing addresses the growing demand for cybersecurity testing by providing specialized knowledge and cutting-edge tools to protect against evolving threats.
  • Outsourcing with Multiple Partners: Outsourcing with multiple partners offers diverse expertise and flexibility, enabling businesses to tackle complex projects efficiently and effectively.

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What Are the Benefits of Outsourced Testing Services?

Outsourced testing services offer benefits like access to a dedicated global team, diverse testing options, improved quality, and fresh perspectives. With fully-managed services, businesses gain flexibility, speed, productivity, and cost savings, without the overheads of recruitment, infrastructure, or office space.


Provided below is a detailed discussion of the benefits offered by outsourced testing services. From access to a dedicated global team and diverse testing options to improved quality and cost savings, we'll explore how outsourcing can enhance efficiency and effectiveness in testing processes.

  • Access to Dedicated team of global experts: Gain expertise from around the world for comprehensive testing solutions.
  • Adoption of a wide range of tests: Utilize diverse testing methodologies for thorough quality assurance.
  • Improved Testing Quality: Ensure superior quality deliverables through rigorous testing processes.
  • Fully-managed testing service: Enjoy hassle-free testing with comprehensive management by experienced professionals.
  • Fresh Perspective: Benefit from new insights and approaches for more effective testing strategies.
  • Increased focus on core business: Redirect resources towards core operations for enhanced business growth.
  • Flexibility in scaling your team: Easily adjust testing team size according to project requirements for optimal efficiency.
  • Speeds up project delivery: Expedite development cycles with efficient testing procedures.
  • Increased productivity: Enhance overall productivity by streamlining testing processes and resources.
  • Reduced Cost: Save money with cost-effective testing solutions.
    • Lower rates (yellow offshore): Access affordable offshore rates for testing services.
    • Reduced employee overhead cost: Minimize expenses associated with in-house testing teams.
    • Reduced IT infrastructure expenses: Cut down on infrastructure costs with outsourced testing services.
    • Doesn’t require office space: Save on office space expenses by outsourcing testing operations.
    • Removed recruitment costs and time: Save on office space expenses by outsourcing testing operations.
    • Reduced training cost and time: Save time and money on training new testing team members.

At QE 360, we offer benefits in software testing outsourcing. Our extensive network of industry experts provides top-tier consultation and training across various testing types. We prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring optimal resource use.

Our skilled QEs handle diverse test scenarios, enhancing application reliability. Clients consistently commend QE 360 for significantly improving their software quality through systematic, high-quality testing processes. Leveraging our services leads to faster results, focused operations, and fresh perspectives, driving your software's success.

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What Factors Should I Consider When Opting for Outsourced Testing Services?

Outsourced testing services offer benefits like access to a dedicated global team, diverse testing options, improved quality, and fresh perspectives. With fully-managed services, businesses gain flexibility, speed, productivity, and cost savings, without the overheads of recruitment, infrastructure, or office space.

When opting for outsourced testing services, key factors should be considered to ensure optimal results. Evaluating the vendor's past work and reputation, ensuring expertise in specific testing needs, understanding their testing approach, comparing costs, and reviewing the Service Level Agreement (SLA) are crucial.

Additionally, ensuring seamless integration and communication, assessing security measures, and choosing the right engagement model will help in selecting a reliable and effective testing partner. Below are the detailed factors to consider:

  • Past Work and Reputation: Evaluate the vendor's past projects and client reviews to ensure they have a strong track record and positive reputation in software testing.
  • Area of Expertise: Ensure the vendor specializes in the type of testing your software requires, whether functional, performance, security, or other specialized testing.
  • Approach: Understand the testing methodologies and tools the vendor uses to ensure they align with your project's needs and industry standards.
  • Cost: Compare pricing models to ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising on the quality of testing services provided.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): Review the SLA to ensure it includes clear, measurable benchmarks and guarantees on the quality and timeliness of testing services.
  • Integration and Communication: Ensure the vendor has efficient communication channels and can seamlessly integrate with your existing development processes.
  • Security: Assess the vendor’s security measures to ensure they can protect your sensitive data and intellectual property.
  • Engagement Models: Understand the vendor's engagement models to choose the one that best fits your project's requirements and budget constraints.

At QE 360, our stellar reputation spans both local and international clients across diverse industries such as healthcare, government, banking, and corporate sectors. We prioritize robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring our clients receive the highest quality services.

Our QEs excel in effective communication with business owners, developers, stakeholders, and team members. Adopting a shift-left approach, we integrate testing early in the development process, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Partnering with QE 360 guarantees expert, seamless, and secure testing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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When Should One Consider Test Automation Services?

Test automation services are essential when efficiency, speed, and consistency in testing are needed. Some of the key scenarios when test automation is the best option to consider are the following:

  • Running Multiple Tests Simultaneously: Manual testing struggles with executing numerous tests at the same time. Automation enables running hundreds of tests concurrently, speeding up the process and increasing efficiency without overwhelming the team.
  • Time-Consuming Test Cases: Some test cases take a long time for humans to perform. Automating these repetitive and lengthy tests saves significant time, allowing testers to focus on more complex and creative tasks.
  • Stable, Non-Changing Requirements: Automation is ideal for test cases with stable requirements that don’t frequently change. Once automated, these tests can run repeatedly without needing constant adjustments, ensuring consistency and reliability.
  • Reducing Human Error: Test cases prone to human error benefit greatly from automation. Automated tests eliminate mistakes caused by manual execution, improving accuracy and the reliability of test results.
  • Multi-Platform Testing: Apps running on multiple platforms require extensive testing to ensure compatibility. Automation facilitates comprehensive testing across various platforms, ensuring the app performs well everywhere without manual repetition.

At QE 360, our QEs excel in using automation frameworks and tools, ensuring efficient and effective testing processes. Our tried and tested test automation services have also benefited numerous clients, both locally and overseas. Committed to continuous learning, our QEs constantly enhance their automation skills, staying ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Who Is QE 360?



Our founder, Michelle Chua-Lagare, coined the term "Quality Engineer" in 2013, has been advocating for up-skilling Quality Assurance Analysts (QAs) to transform them into Quality Engineers (QEs) and has successfully helped in this transition.

She has been utilizing webinars and conferences in sharing her knowledge in Quality Engineering in the IT industry and academe.

Within QE 360 and its clients, Mitch has been consistently pushing for enhanced services through software development and testing processes improvements and leveraging in efficient testing practices and modern test automation approaches.

Services of QE 360

Outsourced Testing Services

At QE 360, our outsourced testing services provide comprehensive software testing solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team of skilled Quality Engineers leverages advanced tools and methodologies to ensure your software is reliable, efficient, and high-quality. By partnering with us, you gain access to expert testers who can help you reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, and improve overall software performance. Discover more about how our outsourced testing services can benefit your projects by visiting our Outsourced Testing Services page.

Testing Training

QE 360 offers specialized testing training programs designed to equip your team with the latest skills and knowledge in software testing. Our training covers a range of topics, from manual testing techniques to advanced automation frameworks. Led by industry experts, our training sessions ensure your team stays ahead of the curve, enhancing their ability to deliver high-quality software consistently. Learn more about our specialized training programs and how they can empower your team by visiting our Testing Training page.

Consulting: Enhance Your Software with Quality Engineering Advisor

Our consulting services at QE 360 provide you with access to top-tier Quality Engineering Advisors who can help enhance your software development processes. Our consultants work closely with your team to identify areas for improvement, implement best practices, and ensure that your software meets the highest standards of quality. With QE 360's consulting services, you can optimize your development lifecycle, reduce defects, and achieve greater efficiency. Experience the superb quality of QE 360's outsourced testing services, specialized training programs, and expert consulting by consulting us today. Trust our team to enhance your software performance, streamline your development process, and deliver exceptional results. Find out more about how our consulting services can optimize your software development by visiting our Consulting Services page.

What Are the Testing Skill Sets of QE 360 Quality Engineers?

QE 360 Quality Engineers possess a comprehensive set of skills that ensure robust and efficient testing processes, leading to high-quality software products and streamlined production releases. Among the skill sets of QE 360 Quality Engineers (QEs) are the following:

Develop and Execute Robust Test Charters

  • Craft comprehensive test charters to guide exploratory testing sessions.
  • Ensure all testing objectives, scopes, and strategies are well-documented to facilitate thorough test coverage andenhance the effectiveness of the testing process.

Develop and Execute Web and Mobile Test Automation Using Robot Framework (Python)

  • Utilize the Robot Framework with Python to automate tests for web and mobile applications.
  • Ensure that the automation scripts are robust, reusable, and maintainable, significantly reducing manual testing effortsand increasing testing efficiency.

Analyze User Stories

  • Critically analyze user stories to identify potential issues and ensure they are clear, complete, and testable.
  • Ensure that the requirements are fully understood and met during the testing phase, minimizing ambiguities anddiscrepancies.

Significant Experience With Exploratory, Regression, and Smoke Testing

  • Perform various types of testing, including exploratory, regression, and smoke testing.
  • Uncover defects early, ensure new code changes do not affect existing functionalities, and verify that criticalfunctionalities work as expected.

Logs and Manages Defects and Ensures Timely Resolution

  • Record defects meticulously and manage them through their lifecycle.
  • Collaborate with development teams to ensure defects are resolved promptly, maintaining the quality and stability of the software.

Prepares Various Test Data Needed for Test Execution

  • Identify and prepare diverse test data sets necessary for comprehensive test execution.
  • Ensure the test data covers all possible scenarios to validate the application thoroughly under different conditions

Provide Estimate Testing Efforts

  • Accurately estimate the time and resources required for testing activities.
  • Plan and schedule to ensure testing phases are completed within project timelines, facilitating better project management and delivery.

Attend Scrum Meetings

  • Actively participate in scrum meetings, including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
  • Ensure effective communication, collaboration, and alignment with the development team and project goals.

Provide Daily Status Reports (DSR) for Clients

  • Deliver daily status reports to clients, summarizing the progress, issues, and risks related to the testing activities.
  • Keep clients informed and engaged, fostering transparency and trust.

Provide Production Release Sign-Off

  • Conduct final assessments and provide sign-off for production releases.
  • Ensure that the software meets the required quality standards and is ready for deployment, serving as a final checkpoint to prevent any critical issues from reaching the production environment.

What Are the Outsourced Testing Types Offered by QE 360?

Manual Testing Services

QE 360 provides top-notch manual testing services to ensure your software's functionality, usability, and reliability. Our expert testers identify bugs and issues through meticulous, hands-on examination, guaranteeing a seamless user experience and high-quality product. Some of the manual testing services offered by the company are:

  • Manual Web Testing
  • Manual Mobile Testing
  • Manual API Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Usability Testing

Automated Testing Services

QE 360 provides test automation services to maximize testing efforts through test automation and AI. The company’s automated testing services enhance your software's efficiency and quality. Utilizing advanced tools and frameworks, our automation experts deliver rapid, comprehensive testing solutions that reduce time-to-market and increase product stability. Some of the automated testing services offered by the company are:

  • Web Test Automation
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • API Test Automation using Postman
  • Regression Test Automation
  • Visual Validation Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

What Is Offshore Testing Services

Offshore Testing Services involve outsourcing software testing processes to external QA teams located in different countries and time zones. This practice allows organizations to leverage global expertise and resources for writing, executing, and reporting software tests.

Offshore software testing follows a comprehensive testing cycle, ensuring thorough quality assurance. By entrusting testing needs to specialized QA companies overseas, businesses can benefit from cost efficiencies, time zone advantages, and access to a diverse talent pool, ultimately enhancing the quality and reliability of their software products.

What Are the Differences Between Offshore and Nearshore?

When deciding between nearshore and offshore outsourcing, it's crucial to understand the differences in cost, time zone management, and overall convenience. Nearshore outsourcing involves partnering with companies in nearby countries with similar time zones, while offshore outsourcing involves working with partners in distant countries with significant time zone differences. Below is a comparison table highlighting the key differences between nearshore and offshore outsourcing.

AspectNearshore OutsourcingOffshore Outsourcing
ProximityNearby countries with possibility of resources to travelDistant countries with resources purely working remotely
CostLower than onshore but higher than offshoreGenerally lower cost option
Time Zone ManagementEasy to manage due to minimal time differenceCan be challenging due to considerable time differences
CommunicationBetter due to similar time zones and cultural similaritiesPotential language barriers and cultural differences
ExamplesPhilippines providing outsource testing services to Malaysia, Japan, or SingaporePhilippines providing outsource testing services to the US, Australia, or Canada

Why Do Australia, US, and Asian Countries Offshore Their Testing Requirements to QE 360?

Australia, the US, and Asian countries offshore their testing requirements to QE 360 due to the company’s proven track record with clients in these regions. The company’s testing process is highly effective and widely recommended by previous clients, ensuring high-quality results and enhanced capabilities.

Clients value QE 360's cost-effective, Agile Testing approach, which offers a dedicated team focused on product success and quality. The company’s specialist team brings extensive software testing experience, enabling client companies to confidently tackle larger projects. Additionally, QE 360's expertise in test automation and training adds significant value for the client teams as well.

What Do Companies Say About QE 360

Companies consistently highlight QE 360's strengths in expertise, training, and affordability. They commend the team's in-depth knowledge and collaborative approach, which empowers businesses to tackle larger projects with confidence. Clients also value QE 360's agile exploratory testing methodology.

Beyond exceptional testing, the clients appreciate the opportunity to upskill their internal teams. QE 360's training programs equip staff with the right tools and best practices, ensuring long-term testing success. In short, clients trust QE 360 as a partner for achieving superior software quality.


QE 360 Team is adept at understanding product requirements. We also highly appreciate their automation skills. I appreciate their management. She sets the direction of the projects but at the same time can dive deep into the details of the requirements if need be. Really satisfied with their quality of engagement. With QE 360 you’ll feel you have a partner who is genuine concern about improving the end product as they definitely go beyond delivering standard QA services.

JASON JARILLAS Application Head Leading HMO Provider

We’ve availed of QE 360's outsourced testing services since we didn’t have enough resources to fully test everything. They are very thorough and their technical skill is very strong which gave us the confidence that everything had been tested.

DAN LANDY CTO sitecapture.com
Candace Ramos

The creativity in testing is top-notch since they came up with automation scripts to help save time on testing, especially since it’s their first time using and testing Salesforce. Their technical skills are awesome. They learned Salesforce quickly and applied it not just to testing but also to improve the system from a client perspective and a system perspective. The resources are detailed and thorough, easy to work with, and have a great work ethic. You won’t regret getting the services of QE 360! They are an awesome bunch and I would love to work with them again!

Candace Ramos Practice Manager mav3rik.com

What Are the Results of QE 360 Outsourced Testing Services

Clients partnering with QE 360 experience significant advancements in their testing procedures thanks to outsourced solutions. This comprehensive approach leverages both cutting-edge test automation and agile testing methodologies to deliver a multitude of benefits. These include dramatic cost reductions, demonstrably faster release cycles, and enhanced software quality through improved user experience (UI/UX) and fewer production incidents. By partnering with QE 360, companies can transform their development efficiency and deliver high-quality software faster.

Results QE 360 Delivered With Test Automation

Companies’ investment in test automation has yielded impressive results. Yearly regression cycle times have been slashed by a factor of 15, significantly reducing the manual testing effort required (from 1568 mandays to just 90 mandays in a year). This translates to a dramatic decrease in overall regression testing costs by 94%, dropping from a staggering $855,272 per year to a mere $49,090. These figures demonstrate the clear value proposition of test automation, allowing for faster development cycles and improved software quality.

MetricsBefore QE 360With QE 360
1 Regression Cycle
  • 14 days with 7 resources
  • 98 mandays
  • 35 days with 2.5 resources
  • 90 mandays - to automate tests
4 Regression Cycles392 mandays8 mins to run test automation
4 Releases per year1568 mandays32 mins
Total Regression per year1,568 mandays90 mandays
Regression Cost per year$855,272.73$49,090.91

Results After a 3-Month Project

A recent project undertaken in just three months exemplifies the effectiveness of QE 360's agile testing approach. The project successfully delivered a cross-platform application (web, Android, iOS, and Huawei) with a demonstrably faster release cycle. This shift to agile development also resulted in improved user experience (UI/UX) and fewer production incidents, showcasing the potential of agile testing to streamline development and deliver high-quality software within a tight timeframe.

  • Released a web, Android, iOS, and Huawei app.
  • Translated client from waterfall to agile development.
    • Agile development and testing mentality applied.
    • Faster releases.
  • Established software testing processes and standards.
    • Setup of efficient software testing tools and automation framework.
    • Established Shift-Left Testing approach.
    • Created and executed robust testing coverage in a more creative and faster manner.
  • Automated web apps, Android tests followed after the release.
  • Improved UI/UX.
  • Lessen production incidents.

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Experience the superb quality of QE 360's outsourced testing services, specialized training programs, and expert consulting by consulting us today. Trust our team to enhance your software performance, streamline your development process, and deliver exceptional results.