About QE 360

About QE 360

WHO IS QE 360?

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QE 360 is the premier Quality Engineering company in Asia

We are a software testing training, consulting, and outsourced services company.

Our focus is on improving testing skills, improving software quality, optimizing testing processes, and augmenting software testing resources in Asia and overseas.

We continuously help companies in optimizing their resources in order to provide high-quality applications and reducing testing costs.

Who is a Quality Engineer (QE)?

A Quality Engineer is a hybrid between a manual tester and an automation engineer.

Someone who weaves quality into the application during its development.

A QE increases the value of the application while ensuring faster delivery.

A QE thinks like a user and acts like an engineer to prevent bugs from being released to production.

Why QE 360?

Some companies have adopted the Quality Engineer title as a result of our advocacy for Quality Engineering, but what differentiates us is our holistic approach to Quality Engineering.

We are not only highly skilled in web test automation. We are well equipped with both manual and automation testing skills, functional and non-functional testing capabilities, and both traditional and modern approaches to testing.


Transition QAs into QEs to weave quality into software.


Filipino Quality Professionals as international movers and shakers in the global testing community.



We are founded by Michelle Chua Lagare.

She has been in the software testing industry for two decades, she coined the term “Quality Engineering”, and pioneered the Quality Engineering mindset and practice in Asia back in 2013.

Her aim is to help transition Quality Assurance Analysts to Quality Engineers - hybrids of manual tester and programmer.



Prior to establishing QE 360, Michelle served as the Quality Engineering Head of Voyager Innovations, the digital arm of the MVP Group, and PayMaya, a financial technology company and mobile payment app based in the Philippines. During her tenure, she successfully built elite Quality Engineering (QE) teams at both organizations.

PayMaya, now known as Maya, provides users with a digital wallet that facilitates various online and offline transactions using their mobile devices. It is recognized as the first prepaid online payment app that enables the financially underserved to make online payments without the need for a credit card.

In addition to her roles at Voyager Innovations and PayMaya, Michelle has also held leadership positions at other companies in the past. These include Willis Towers Watson, Branders, and ACS, a Xerox Company.

It's evident that Michelle's career has been marked by her leadership in the quality engineering domain and her contributions to the growth and success of various technology and financial companies.

Things she does on top of QE 360

Outside QE 360, Michelle speaks at both local - Softcon, TestCon, and global conferences such as TestFlix, Taqelah, and other events.

She volunteers in government projects and initiatives such as RapidPass and ReliefAgad.

She also builds and leads different software testing communities both in the Philippines and all around Asia.